Accidents: Bodily Injury and Wrongful Death

We live in an increasingly busy and crowded community in which serious accidents result in injury, and even death to persons who have become victims of the negligence of another. In Florida, the victim may be assessed a percentage of fault which reduces the value of a settlement or Final Judgment, but one should never allow the possibility of shared fault to prevent them from consulting with a good attorney to evaluate and pursue a just result. Accidents involving automobiles, commercial trucks, motorcycles, boats, and airplanes are a common source of serious injury and death to victims of negligence. Owners of property have an obligation to the public, as well, to maintain a safe condition of their property, and to be aware and safeguard against harm to the public lawfully on their premises. This includes being aware of the threat of criminal conduct and taking steps to minimize the threat. Serious injuries resulting from negligent conduct can often equal or exceed the seriousness of a wrongful death claim. If negligence results in the death of a loved one, nothing can ever adequately compensate the family members for their loss. But we can ensure that all persons entitled to compensation are included in the estate’s claim, whether qualifying wife or child, dependent relative, parent or spouse, and that the economic losses to the estate and to the survivors are pursued completely. Non-economic losses may include the pain and suffering of the survivors, loss of the deceased’s services and support, compensation and protection, guidance and instruction of a minor. A complete understanding of the life of the person lost and those left behind is required to adequately represent the victims of such a tragedy. We pursue that goal thoroughly in our representation in every case. If you have been seriously injured or have suffered the loss of a loved one as a result of negligence, please call us at 727-209-1504. There are never any fees charged unless we win your case or settle your case with your consent. We welcome referrals from other trial attorneys.

Medical Malpractice

Medical negligence is a common source of serious bodily injury or even death. Doctors, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, nurse practitioners, vocational nurses, and other health care providers are all licensed and are all held to a prevailing professional standard of care in properly diagnosing or treating patients. Hospitals may also be liable for their policies and procedures and liable for negligent acts of their medical staffs. Every year, thousands of people are severely injured, or die, from medical malpractice mistakes caused by health care professionals. The State of Florida requires a pre-suit process involving specific medical evaluation of your case from the medical records prior to filing a lawsuit. Medical malpractice cases require expensive medical expert testimony and depositions of medical experts and are often met with extreme resistance by the defendant, so not every law firm has the experience and willingness to see your case to a successful conclusion. Do not delay, as medical malpractice claims are subject to a statute of limitation in which you must make your claim and the pre-suit medical evaluation. If you feel that you have been wrongly harmed by a medical provider, contact us for a free consultation. We charge no fee unless we obtain a recovery. Call us at 727-209-1504. We welcome referrals from other trial lawyers.

Legal Malpractice

Most attorneys represent their clients competently and professionally. Unfortunately, a few do not. If you believe that you have been hurt financially because your attorney failed to perform his or her legal duties, it may be time to seek our experienced help in evaluating what occurred and determining if your attorney may be held accountable for negligence. Common errors by attorneys include missing critical deadlines on your case, not keeping you fully informed of settlement offers and the consequences of a settlement, having conflict of interest which affected the outcome of your case, failing to properly discover information critical to the outcome of your case, and failing to account for liens, other available insurance or requirements of the law which adversely affect you. The statute of limitations on your claim against an attorney is generally two years from the date of the negligent conduct, so acting promptly if you believe that you may be a victim of negligence by an attorney is important. Contact us for a free consultation at 727-209-1504. We charge no fee unless we obtain a recovery. We welcome referrals from other trial attorneys.

Aviation Accidents

Mr. Callahan is an instrument-rated, licensed pilot for single engine aircraft who owns his own airplane and has years of experience litigating airplane crash cases. The cause of general aviation accidents is almost always disputed, requiring immediate investigation of the accident by experts. Errors by the pilot in command, mistakes by maintenance or other ground personnel and mechanical failures are often causes of aviation accidents which require prompt investigation to make a successful outcome. Insurance companies hold pilots strictly to the training and currency requirements of their ratings and licenses. Delay in training and recertification or use of unauthorized training courses often lead to a total denial of coverage for an aviation accident. We are experienced in dealing with these problems. If you are in need of an aviation attorney, call us at 727-209-1504. We charge no fee unless we obtain a recovery. We welcome referrals from other trial lawyers.

Insurance: Bad Faith Conduct by Insurance Companies

Insurance companies advertise heavily promising the public to be “on their side,” “in good hands” or covering “all their needs” when an accident occurs. Businesses or individuals purchase third-party liability coverage to protect themselves, or first-party coverage for their protection, like uninsured motorists coverage, yet many insurance companies routinely delay or avoid payment, even for legitimate claims. Fortunately, Florida has laws which benefit consumers and require insurance companies to pay up to the policy limits when justified, or insurance companies must suffer the full amount of any excess judgment plus interest, costs and attorney’s fees. If you have been involved in an accident and your insurance company has failed to keep you fully informed of their efforts to defend you, failed to resolve your case within the policy limits, or failed to pay what you are owed under your Uninsured Motorist’s policy, you should consult with us. We know how to keep you from unnecessary exposure to a large judgment above your policy limits and how to protect you from bad faith insurance conduct. We charge no fee unless we obtain a recovery. Call us at 727-209-1504.